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The company has managed to build a viable brand on the back of a powerful, unique product and is investing time and resources to continue building out the brand while driving growth. At this stage, a series of key communication touch points need to be created, or majorly overhauled, crafting a holistic marketing approach. Key needs include:

  • Website Overhaul: While functional and beautiful, the site, our primary digital storefront, is lacking content, ease-of-use indicative of our product, and structure to promote better user interactions.
  • Sales Collateral, specifically Case Studies: We are embarking on multiple case studies and need to design a template that will allow us to integrate partners while keeping a clear brand identity. Other pieces of marketing material will be needed for the sales team and will roll into the mix as time goes on
  • Automated Emails (Marketing and Sales): While best practices are showing that limited visuals in email are performing better than visual counterparts, we still need to build templates with, and without, visuals, for various email needs.
  • Knowledge Base Repurposing: The meat of the product is public and is a drove of meaningful, targeted data. Existing in a single format, we need to pilot various new formats of this content including: static images (for visual search indexing), infographics, new navigation (for website), video content (for onboarding, and training, hosted on YouTube)
  • Partnership Materials: A very broad bucket that will cover collateral to major research institutes (Gartner/Forrester), AWS (as our platform partner), and any other partnership opportunity ranging from content distribution to 3rd party resellers/services that will sell our product for us.
  • Presentations: We need basic, professional looking templates for Powerpoint and Word.
  • Website HTML/CSS Implementation - Help us manage the technical side of design work by building a reusable and modular design library for the public website, so design ideas can go from prototype to live on the website in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Optional: Event Collateral: Smaller in scope, some event marketing materials will be needed, primarily coming as repurposed web materials.
  • Optional: Product Work - as the lines between marketing and product continue to blur, so too does the team that works on the content. While unclear at this time, there may be a need to engage with the product team to help with upcoming product updates and/or new features.


At this time, there is a full time marketing lead and a full time sales/marketing engineer. The design resource here is expected to bridge across both strategy and tactical execution. The ability to engage with lower cost design options (UpWork, agencies, etc) is an option, pending budget, timing, and needs.


  • Website
    • Homepage: Top to bottom the home page needs to be revisited. Based on our upcoming content strategy document, we will be prioritizing our product messaging and those changes will come to full life on the site.
      • Specific design needs include: Landing hero image reimagination (most traffic is desktop still), illustrations (specifically, unification and, if possible, integration with the product itself), readability, linking customer logos to case studies or meaningful content.
    • Pricing Page: One of the largest pain points of the site, the pricing page doesn’t even include all of the tools and services that CC offers.
      • Specific needs: Readability + understanding, new interactive price calculator (input fields that emails you a price package), iconography for each product (which will live across the site).
    • Product Page: Requiring a potentially major overhaul, the current thinking is to split into three/four sub products: Audit/Security, Compliance, Cost, Real Time Monitoring - we will treat pricing and product pages as one extended experience and will clone the messaging and breakdown across both.
      • Specific needs: Prioritization via design elements, readability, variable product feature templates (as more features continue to roll out)
    • Customer Landing Page: Doesn’t exist. We should have a different homepage/landing page for those that are showing up already signed in.
    • Knowledge Base: From the design aspect, we might not spend much time here. The current setup and structure is highly functional and drives a lot of organic SEO so there is risk to changing. We will look more broadly at this opportunity as we get plugged in. Finally, we plan to add a ‘site search’ functionality to at least the Knowledge base, likely FAQ as well.
      • Specific needs: table of contents, how to use the KB, video content libraries (onboarding/tutorials - might go on another part of the site), add new “Compliance” section.
    • FAQ: Similar to the knowledge base, we should institute better functionality to search and find the content you’re looking for.
    • Blog: With this rev of the website, we will moving our blog over from Medium, onto the site directly to centralize our content and claw back the lost SEO.
      • Specific needs: top to bottom design for the new blog page, including templates for all variations of expected content.
    • About Us: The usual, needs a full pass on staff + need to add our advisory board members.
  • Sales Materials: The full scope of the needs to support the sales team are still coming together. Our current main project will be focused on building templates and our first few case studies with marquee partners, involving dual branding needs.


There is a ton of work so we’re ready to get moving as soon as possible. Below is a high level outline of the work:


  • Internal Presentation and Deliberation of V1 Content and Web Strategy
    • Sept 5-14
  • Web Rework (ground up) Wireframes, UX requirements
    • 2-3 Weeks
  • Hero page designs: Homepage, Knowledge Base, Pricing, Product
    • Rolling iterations and delivery, 2-4 weeks
  • UX implementation and V2 Design Updates
    • 3 weeks

Sales Materials

  • Outline key vehicles for sales team, internal interviews (designer to lead with Kevin)
    • 1 week
  • Wireframe, pilot hero content needs
    • 1 week + 1 week revisions
  • Primary case study crafted
    • 2 weeks
  • Additional sales materials wireframed and designed
    • 1-2 weeks/on-going

All Other Projects: Will fit in where time permits.

Budget: Total budget will vary pending candidates previous experiences and skill level. Given the scope of the project, we expect this work to last no less than 12 weeks, up to 18 weeks, pending final scope of projects listed above. This role also has the ability to converted to a full time position, should the project satisfy the needs for both the candidate and client. Hire should be able to dedicate a minimum of 30 hours a week and should expect to be in the office (Mile End, Montreal) at least 2 times a week on average.