We're looking for a new member of the Cloud Conformity technical team, maybe you can help us?

About us

We're an Australian born start-up on a mission to provide our clients peace of mind that their public cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant, and optimised at all times.

Our customer list is growing extremely quickly, and are the first to mention they have chosen to use Cloud Conformity for the simplicity, ease-of-use, completeness of service coverage, and vision of how security and governance should be managed.

Our customers vary from the small startup needing a tool to stay on top of user activity on their AWS accounts, to the large enterprise customer with strong governance requirements.

As the company grows, we’re looking for an experienced fullstack engineer to join the team and lead the development of our tool. This is a senior role reporting directly to VP of Engineering, Xabi, with plenty of freedom and control to develop and design a real production system which is creating more than 100 million infrastructure checks every day with a ton of room for improvement.

What we're looking for

All of our codebase and system have gone through several iterations, and have ultimately been built by a small team of passionate engineers using serverless technologies and a micro service approach.

Our platform is pretty solid but requires more work to ensure we keep scaling as we grow, increase the quality of our code, enhance development pipelines, create new modules, components, and services in the back end and front end so we can ship new code to production on a daily basis.

We're explicitly looking for someone experienced (5+ years of full-stack development experience, minimum) and confident in taking on a broad set of responsibilities managing, deploying and maintaining well orchestrated services across several different environments.

Extensive experience in full-stack, test driven application development is a must-have. More specifically, AWS environment, Javascript as a language and Ember as a front-end framework is a massive advantage.

Previous startup experience is also very valuable.

Our stack is made of 20+ different services across three regions. We use a range of AWS services to make it all work such as Lambda, StepFunctions, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, KMS, SNS to name a few. To help us manage all those services, we have chosen the Serverless framework.

To accelerate the front end development we have chosen Ember.js as a framework, and all our client-server communication is based on the JSONAPI standard. Experience creating pixel perfect user interfaces, CSS mastering and knowledge of the DOM, different browser capacities, limitations, and security models is a big bonus

The code we produce is built using CodeBuild and a homemade CICD pipeline that is specifically designed for our needs.

If you know Javascript in and out, you will not have to learn any other language. However, previous experience with Ruby, Python or even Java is a plus as you will have the freedom to choose the language that is best suited for the service you will be working on. Generally speaking, we love having engineers who have been working with many technologies before and who have learned to learn.

This role requires someone who is exceptional at clear and frequent communication with local and remote teams, quickly handling bugs, as well as estimating development efforts, analysing business requirements and writing clear, legible, yet secure and optimised code.

This role would be well suited to someone in an existing development team at a fast-paced technology company looking for a more senior position where they’re able to have more control of the development across an entire organisation.

We value diversity of all types at Cloud Conformity and our team is made up of a kind, thoughtful group of people with a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. We also value different opinions and point of views and we like to challenge reasoning and get our reasoning challenged.

What it is like to work here

The vast majority of our work gets done on Github, with Slack as the main communication channel. We have daily stand-ups and frequent meetings with teams in Montreal, Canada, London, England and soon San Francisco, California via Zoom and Hangouts which are used to do sprint planning, retrospectives, peer coding sessions, troubleshooting, client calls, etc.

The biggest perk of working at Cloud Conformity is that we have a small, talented team with a growing customer base. This means you have the ability to have a huge impact on the product and the company, whilst also having really interesting and challenging problems to solve. We believe deeply in what we do, and we're all in this to build something big, lasting, and positive.

On top of all that, we try to treat people pretty well. All roles at Cloud Conformity come with:

  • Competitive salary We pay above market rates reflecting knowledge and experience
  • Equity As an early employee, you will receive shares of the company as part of your welcome package.
  • Flexible working conditions Working from home if required, flexible hours.
  • All the tech you need We'll pay for whatever hardware and software you need to work and make sure you're regularly upgraded to the latest versions.
  • Personal development An annual budget for books, courses, conferences and travel expenses.
  • Annual international team gatherings Every year we get the whole crew together for a week away. Either for re:invent in Vegas or elsewhere.
  • Unlimited paid vacation Minimum 2 weeks per year, if you don't take it yourself, we will kick you out of the office in December until the new year rolls around.
  • Paid parental leave When the time comes to welcome a new member of the family, we offer 3 months fully paid parental leave.
  • Guaranteed pay-reviews Everyone at receives annual pay reviews to update their salary for market rate changes and inflation.
  • Cool office Our Sydney office is located in the CBD, Kent st, between Town Hall and Wynyard station, public transport galore. We have all you need, kitchen, shower, video-games, etc.

How to apply

Rather than trying to guess if we'll work well together based on lengthy arbitrary interview questions or "code challenges" - instead we invite promising candidates to work on a real life trial project with us and pay them for their time. Trial projects are typically 20-30 hours of work, and give us an opportunity to get to know each other prior to pursuing a full time offer.

It’s also a chance for candidates to get to know the Cloud Conformity team and make sure that it’s a good fit for them.